Listening: Map Labeling: When given a map and directions to follow, make sure to listen carefully for the starting point.

Writing: Academic Task 1: Always include an overview in your response. An overview is a brief (could be one sentence) summary of the main features and trends.

Preparing for Speaking: Practice introducing yourself naturally.


General Preparation Tip: Take a practice test before you decide to register for IELTS. This will give you a good idea of whether or not you are prepared to achieve the score you need.


Exam Day Tip: Good luck on your exam tomorrow test takers. IELTS wishes you the best of luck. The following tip may also help you: Do not make plans for after the test because you may not know when your Speaking test will be scheduled.


Writing Test Taking Tip: You may ask for additional writing answer booklets if you need room.


Writing Test Taking Tip: Leave time to proof read. Through practice tests and writing you should become familiar with your weaknesses so you can watch out for them while you check.


Writing Test Taking Tip: In the introduction, do not repeat the question but paraphrase and state your thesis.


Writing Test Taking Tip: Answer all parts of the question.


General Study Tip: Make your studying enjoyable so that you stay interested. You can do this by switching up your study activities such as listening to English songs, watching English TV programs or studying with English speaking friends. IELTS wishes you good luck with your studies. This week is our Writing Section Test Taking Tip Week. Look out for more helpful tips!


Reading: Summary Completion: The same words from the answer choice may not be mentioned in the passage so choose the answer that best encompasses the meaning of the whole passage using synonyms.


Listening: Matching: Listen to the entire question and information before making an answer choice so that you do not choose a response that has incomplete information.


General Preparation Tip: IELTS tests your English language proficiency, and not your test taking skills. So frequent testing may not show score improvement because language proficiency comes with continual practice over time.


Reading Test Taking Tip: Underline key words, names or numbers from the question as you read through the passage so the information is easy to locate.


Reading Test Taking Tip: You should spend around 20 minutes completing the answers to each of the three texts so don’t spend too much time on any one question. Come back to more difficult questions after you answer ones you know better.


Reading Test Taking Tip: You can make notes on the question booklet as you read, but remember to copy your answers onto the answer sheet within the 60 minutes. Only answers in the answer sheet will be graded and no additional time is provided for the transfer of answers.


Exam Day Tip: Good luck on your exam tomorrow test takers. IELTS wishes you the best of luck. The following tip may also help you: Keep your eyes on your test, examiner or clock. Do not look around the test room to raise suspicion of cheating.


Writing: Academic Task 1: If asked to describe the process of a diagram, identify all the stages to keep your paragraph organized and complete. Use the correct transitions to present your answer in an organized manner.


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